Hardware, Software, Power/Energy, Cyber Security, Communications

CyberGX is a technical solutions company that offers professional services in prototyping and product development, systems engineering, integration, software application development and implementation, and manufacturing transfer and ramp up. We work in a teaming environment with our clients, with skill sets and resources available both internally and with teaming partners, specifically matched to our client’s project needs.

CyberGX seeks out both clients and partners that are the best at what they do. Our wide technology base, industry supplier/manufacturers network, and outsource providers supplement and complement the client’s project team as needed. The result- high project success factors from the start.

Systems and Software Solutions

CyberGX specializes in technical solutions support. Areas of expertise include technical team identification, assembly and coordination, technical project management, and commercial development of system/software engineered solutions. CyberGX provides expertise in commercial development practices, remote access, and design and development focus to reduce project technical, schedule and cost risks.

CyberGX Core Competencies:

  • Custom Software/Hardware Solutions and Product Development
    • Custom/OTS electrical, mechanical, software, power, communications
    • Real-time hardware and software architectures
    • Distributed and Centralized systems architectures
    • Systems Engineering, Systems Integration
    • Prototype Builds and Product Generation; Manufacturing Transfer
    • Formal design controls for products destined for highly-regulated environments (e.g. medical devices, aerospace, defense)
    • Robotics, unmanned vehicles, EV (electric vehicles)
    • Mobile App and enterprise web application development
  • Extensive Resource Partnerships for expanded R&D and technical specialties, when needed
    • Energy/Power Systems (Stationary and Mobile)
    • Physical Sciences and Biosciences
    • Communications/networking
    • Encryption/decryption/cyber security
    • 3D modeling and simulation
    • Specialty manufacturing